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"I had some incredibly large trees growing close to our home, which needed to be removed ASAP. Taunton Tree Removal Services got back to me right away. I scheduled the job for the next week and their crew provided very affordable removal services. It was amazing to watch them work! Highly recommend!"

The Local Taunton Tree Removal Service Company You Need!

Expert Tree Services Including Tree Care & Removal

Expert tree and branch removal services
Full-service tree cutting and pruning
Stump grinding and land clearing

Your Property Needs Tree Removal

Falling tree branches risk costly property damage!
Proper pruning keeps beautiful mature trees healthy
Create a safe, stunning outdoor space

Industry-Leading Arborists

Professional arborists with over 20 years of industry experience
FREE estimates and consultations
All work fully guaranteed

Your #1 Choice for a Tree Removal Company - Taunton Tree Removal Services

When you need tree service in Taunton, you need the area’s leading choice for tree removal and cutting services, Taunton Tree Removal Services. With over 20 years of industry experience and stellar reviews from past customers, you know you can trust our professional arborists to get the job done right!

Not all tree service companies in Taunton are alike, which is why you need to call Taunton Tree Removal Services for all the tree removals and pruning, stump grinding, land clearing, and other services you need to have done. Our tree removal company cares about every property serviced and guarantee to treat it as if it were our own.

When you call Taunton Tree Removal Services, you can rest assured that your needed tree removal and trimming services are in the best of hands, and we stand behind all our work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee. To find out more or get started with your FREE quote, call us today!

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Check Out Our Expert Taunton Tree Services

Never settle for second best when you need tree services in Taunton. For the most dependable, reliable pruning and tree removal services, turn to Taunton Tree Removal Services!

Expert Tree Removal

Tree removal in Taunton is not a job for a general contractor! Expert pruning and tree removal from the pros at Taunton Tree Removal Services eliminates the risk of property damage and ensures minimal soil disruption. To find out more, call us!

Save a Tree With Tree Care

To keep mature trees on your property strong and looking their best, call us for expert tree care! Tree assessment, pruning, bracing, and other services allow that tree to grow and thrive over the years.

Full-Service Land Clearing

Whether it’s a neglected vacant lot you need to be cleared or you’re planning a new installation in your backyard, call our experts for full-service land clearing. We guarantee safe, professional land clearing you can trust!
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Our Taunton Tree Service Process - How it Works

At Taunton Tree Removal Services, we offer a simple, streamlined process for all the tree services in Taunton you need to have done. To find out more or get started with your needed tree service, call us!

Step 1


Your needed tree services start with a simple phone call, or you can use our online contact form and we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible. We’ll get some basic information about the services you need to have done and then make a convenient appointment to assess your tree or property in person. We’ll also explain a bit more about the service you need so you know what to expect every step of the way.
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Step 2


Whether you want to salvage a mature tree on your property or have a dead tree, tree stump, or hedges removed altogether, we perform a full assessment of that tree and other vegetation on your property. We check the tree’s health, condition, root strength, and overall size and structure, to decide the best treatment option for salvaging a tree you wish to keep, or for safe clearing with minimal soil disruption.
Step 3


Once our tree experts have decided the best option for tree care or removal, we’ll provide you with a written estimate and schedule an appointment for your services. We’ll also ensure you know what you need to do to prepare for those services, such as removing vehicles from the area and securing pets, and that all your questions have been answered! Once the project is completed, we’ll also follow-up to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taunton Tree Services

Check out some frequently asked questions about tree services in Taunton and then give us a call if you need more information, or are ready to get started with your FREE quote! Check out our tree service blog for additional resources.

Does pruning damage trees ?

Improper pruning weakens or “bruises” trees so that they’re more likely to develop diseases or rot and then collapse. However, professional pruning encourages tree health, allowing it to receive more nourishing light and oxygen around branches and the trunk.

Does removing a tree damage the soil ?

As with pruning, haphazard tree removal can mean excessive soil disruption and property damage, but precise, professional tree removal is safe for the soil. Removing unwanted or overgrown trees also protects underground pipes and cables as well as foundation concrete from damage.

Why does a tree lean ?

If a tree is dead it should be removed immediately, so that it doesn’t topple and cause property damage or injury. However, if a tree is healthy but damaged or weak along one side, bracing and other support will keep it from leaning further and allow it to grow properly.

Our Tree Removal Services Are the Star of the Show

Taunton Tree Removal Services is your #1 choice for local tree services in Taunton and nearby cities. Find out more about our dependable, reliable tree removal services, and then give us a call to get started today!

FAST Taunton Tree Cutting Services

Regular, professional tree cutting services in Taunton keep trees healthy, removing dead or oversized branches while also thinning out a tree’s top. This allows for more healthy sunlight and fresh air circulation and creates a more stunning backdrop on your property!

Give our team of professionals a call to schedule tree cutting services in your area today!
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A contractor tree cutting in Taunton MA.
Tree roots needing removal in Taunton.

Tree Root Removal Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle! Give Our Arborists a Call.

Overgrown tree roots often wrap themselves around buried pipes and cables as well as foundation concrete, causing cracks and breakage. Dried tree roots also rise to the surface of the soil, creating tripping hazards. To keep your property safe, call us for Taunton tree root removal services!

Our tree removal company is ready to take any tree service project with vigor!
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Professional Tree Service in Taunton Always Includes Limb & Branch Removal

If your tree has branches hanging over your house or a neighboring property, or that are encroaching on overhead wires, call us for expert limb and branch removal in Taunton. Trimming away overgrown branches protects your property without harming the tree or compromising your stunning view.

Call your local tree care experts to tackle your tree limb and branch removal in Taunton. No job is too big for Taunton Tree Removal Services.
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A contractor removing branches hanging over wires for tree services in Taunton MA.
An unsightly tree stump needing removal in Taunton MA

Stump Removal is Essential! Stumps Have No Place on Your Taunton Property

Tree stumps are more than just unsightly; they can become home to termites and other damaging pests. Stumps also create tripping hazards and interfere with proper lawn care! Remove unwanted stumps on your property as soon as possible.

Our team of arborists are always on call to provide you with top-notch services in your Massachusetts area!


Need Pertinent Shrub Removal for Your Taunton Home? Our Team is at the Ready!

Whether your property’s hedges and bushes interfere with your view, aren’t flourishing as they should, or create a safety hazard around your home, call us for expert, safe shrub removal in Taunton! Our shrub removal services ensure complete removal with minimal soil disruption.

Our tree removal company has the expertise you need to get the job done right as well as offer you an unbeatable affordable price for services!
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A contractor trimming shrubs for removal in Taunton.
Commercial Taunton tree services

Commercial Tree Services in Taunton Help You Welcome Potential Customers to Your Business!

Your commercial property should look as stunning as your own backyard! Overhanging tree branches and dead, leaning trees also increase the risk of property damage and injury, and costly liability suits. To protect and beautify your space, call us for expert commercial tree services in Taunton.

We're known for being leaders in the tree service industry. So, when you hire our team for commercial services, you can bet you'll be impressed!


Our Massachusetts Tree Service Areas

Taunton Tree Removal Services is the company to call for expert, reliable tree service. If you need tree cutting or pruning, branch and limb removal, shrub removal, or tree removal in our MA areas of Bridgewater, Raynham, Middleborough, Lakeville, Rehoboth, or anywhere in between, give us a call! Unlike other tree service companies, we offer FREE quotes and a full guarantee you can trust!

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Protect and Beautify Your Space With Expert Tree Services in Taunton!

Taunton Tree Removal Services is your #1 choice for expert, reliable tree service in Taunton and surrounding areas. FREE quotes and guaranteed satisfaction. Call us at (508) 406-7557
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